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Giveth Donors 101

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About Course

Why is Giveth worth diving into? Well for starters, we believe we’re the best donation platform in the world. Projects receive 100% of all donations (we take zero fees), and you get rewarded for donating! We invite you to learn more about our unique crypto donation platform and join the Future of Giving with us: https://giveth.io/

If you’ve ever wanted to participate in a form of charitable giving that also rewards donors, look no further than the revolutionary crypto donation platform: Giveth! With Giveth, projects and donors alike not only engage in the positive growth of regenerative economies and the creation of public goods, but donors are directly rewarded for their contributions. 💗 🔁 🤯

Open to all skill levels, the Giveth Donor 101 Course is a new, short video series to introduce you to the Giveth donation platform and the GIVeconomy in a step-by-step guide. It is designed to give you the quick and dirty lowdown on all you need to know to become a Giveth donor. The videos feature all of Giveth’s different tools available for your advantage to maximize your impact and rewards when you participate. 📺 💥 🔧

Watch the baker’s dozen of videos roughly 1–5 minutes each, partake in a quiz testing your newly acquired knowledge and receive a POAP! You’ll be up contributing and earning rewards on the Giveth platform in no time. 🏆 💰

📜 Here’s a little cheat sheet:

  • ✊ Giveth is unique because 100% of all donations go directly to the projects — there are zero fees when you use Giveth.
  • 🗳️ You get rewarded when you donate on Giveth from the “GIVbacks” program, and you can use the GIV that you get to take part in Giveth governance.
  • 🔓 Giveth takes the bureaucracy out of donating: Projects don’t need any special charity or tax status to raise funds or become “verified”.
  • 🎯 Giveth is peer2peer so funds go directly and transparently from you to your chosen project.
  • 🎉🚜 Giveth offers many opportunities to earn crypto and grow rewards through GIVeconomy features like the GIVfarm, GIVstream, and RegenFarms.
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What Will You Learn?

  • Learn about Wallets
  • How to Give on Giveth
  • Learn about the Giveconomy
  • Learn how to participate in the Community

Course Content

Getting Started with Giveth

How to donate on Giveth
Learn about Browser wallets, wallet funding, and how to donate on Giveth

The Giveconomy
Learn the different elements of the GIVeconomy and the Giveth token, $GIV. Learn how you can get rewarded for donating to any verified project on Giveth, and how to participate in Giveth's decentralized governance. Learn how to earn and grow extra rewards from staking your $GIV in the GIVfarm. Learn about the $GIV per week flowrate called the GIVstream, and how to claim your rewards. You'll also learn about RegenFarms and how to get involved with Giveth yourself!

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David Baxter
2 years ago
Amazing and thorough! Can't wait to improve some lives with Giveth
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