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Getting Started with Giveth
How to donate on Giveth
Learn about Browser wallets, wallet funding, and how to donate on Giveth
The Giveconomy
Learn the different elements of the GIVeconomy and the Giveth token, $GIV. Learn how you can get rewarded for donating to any verified project on Giveth, and how to participate in Giveth's decentralized governance. Learn how to earn and grow extra rewards from staking your $GIV in the GIVfarm. Learn about the $GIV per week flowrate called the GIVstream, and how to claim your rewards. You'll also learn about RegenFarms and how to get involved with Giveth yourself!
Giveth Donors 101
About Lesson

Welcome to the Giveth onboarding video series. In this video, we will be explaining how the website works, how to donate to projects, how to contribute to our governance platform, how to earn yields on our platform, how to get rewards for your donations, and how to take part in our rewards system that benefits donors weekly until the year 2026.

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