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Introduction & Overview
Learn what it means to be a Proposal Assessor in Project Catalyst, and what you will learn in this course.
Gather the Tools
This section will guide you through gathering tools you need to be a Proposal Assessor. These include setting up a Cardano wallet so that you can get paid, as well as joining the social channels and website platforms that you will need to join in order to participate.
Project Catalyst 101
Project Catalyst is an experiment in collaboration and innovation for Cardano. This experiment is made possible by the Cardano blockchain. The format of Project Catalyst is a series of funding rounds, wherein challenges are presented, and anyone in the world may propose solutions. The Cardano community votes for the solutions they like. Winning proposals receive funding to deliver their solutions.
Proposal Assessors
Now that you know all about Cardano and Project Catalyst, it's your time to shine! How does being a Proposal Assessor work? How can you be a valuable contributor to the process - and be compensated accordingly?
Your Instructors:
While many blockchain websites feel like a club for techies and crypto insiders, Lido Nation focuses on content, resources, and opportunities for everyday people. Learn more about Lido Nation!
Proposal Assessor Training for Cardano Project Catalyst
About Lesson

Lido Nation is taking the values held by the Cardano community and building on it. While many blockchain websites feel like a club for techies and crypto insiders, we focus on content, resources, and opportunities for everyday people. We’re not interested in hype or making a quick mil, but we are very interested in groundbreaking technology and its impact on humans. We believe that Cardano is the technology of the future, and that the future is for everyone.

We invite you to visit our website for more articles about blockchain and Cardano, or to learn more about our other resources and projects.

A great way to support our work is to stake your Cardano wallet to our pool: LIDO. Staking costs nothing and earns rewards for you – while simultaneously supporting our pool, and the whole Cardano network!

The last quiz is based on information you can find on our website on these two pages: 

Lido Nation: Getting in the middle of it

Lido Nation: Delegators

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