DCL Curations + Blockchain Learning Center

DCL Curations is a Web3 company focused on educating and creating in the Metaverse. We create educational courses, conduct Web3 workshops, and host community events that promote the metaverse. 

The Blockchain Learning Center and DLC Curations will be collaborating on the creation and distribution of courses, building a community around the metaverse and web3, and developing new ways for people to learn that are truly engaging

DCL Curations Vision & Mission

“For the future to be built by a community of individuals working together around the world towards a common goal.”

“To help clients navigate the metaverse and identify areas of opportunity, turning what may once have been seen as an “unknown” or a “threat”, into a resource.

About DLC Curations

DCL Curations is a born-in-the-metaverse company that got its start creating informational videos and hosting events in Decentraland. Over the past year we have seen a large growth in the Decentraland user base and have also seen increased adoption of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and NFTs across the globe; yet, the majority of companies and individuals have trouble understanding or describing what “Web 3” and the “Metaverse” actually are. 

Leveraging a background in Tech Strategy & Business Transformation consulting, DCL Curations aims to help organizations understand what the metaverse is, the technology behind it, and if / how they can get involved.

DLC Currations and Sandstorm
Image from DCL Curations x Sandstorm event: https://nft.sandstorm.co/
The future should be fun and exciting. If it isn’t then we should change that.
Ian O’Neil
DLC Curations Founder

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The Blockchain Learning Center Vision & Mission

Blockchain learning and technology are accessible for people of all walks of life so they can develop their capabilities to advance their visions for a healthier, wealthier, happier world.”

“Developing accessible and engaging educational resources and experiences in collaborative ways that empower people from all walks of life to learn about using blockchain technology for good.

About Blockchain Learning Center

The Blockchain Learning Center was conceived as a part of the Beanchain Coffee shop. We believed that blockchain technology could help workers organize and make coops / worker directed organizations stronger. The only problem is that so many people have misconceptions about the tools and fear it.

The solution is to teach people about blockchain in a positive light. Show them the good it can do and the proper ways to use these tools. 

With the right tools and enough people that know how to use them for good, we can change the world.”
David Baxter
Blockchain Learning Center Founder

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